In the early 80s, I studied nursing and worked here in Springfield as an RN for 12 years (MMC).
I moved away, earned an MS in nursing, & worked as an educator/consultant, returning in 2011. Today, I edit medical research articles part time from my home office. In addition, I provide pet & home care. I know from experience how important a trusted pet care provider is when you have pets and cannot be home.

Pet sitters I have known have inspired me to offer the same peace of mind to others that was given to me.
To be able to travel for business or personal, not constantly be worrying about pets at home, to know a trustworthy person is caring for them…. that is what every pet owner looks for. It’s what I provide.

​Many pets have touched my life over the years. From 1991-08, two little bichons were my buddies (above). Here they are at pet therapy rounds, which they did for many years in Wisconsin. Sadly, they are gone now, as is Elsa, the lady they regularly visited.

My pet family today includes Dumpling, Lucy, Missy, Larry, & Lizzy. And my feral cat Mr Peepers. Other pets who’ve passed on are Poodie, Max, Meeko, Mitzi, & Bubba. Poodie was rescued as a starving cat who recovered, & became one of the gang. Dumpling, Max, & Meeko were shelter adoptees. Mitzi was a rescued stray with a broken leg. Lucy was rescued as a 2 lb kitten from the Menard’s parking lot (2nd from left above). I have always had great affection for animals. The old photo above dates to 1957.
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