Benefits of hiring a pet sitter:
Pets continue with familiar routines, allowing them to feel safe & comfortable in their own home.
Eliminate the stress and trauma of unfamiliar surroundings, & avoid trips to/from boarding facilities. Your home continues to appear lived in, discouraging burglars.
Feel free to enjoy time away knowing your pets and home are being looked after.
You receive photos/videos of happy pets at home.
If your pets take medications, ask me about the discount drug plan I am able to offer.

— Dogs must walk safely on the leash to be added to my list.
— The visit charge is $18 which covers a minimum 30- minute visit that provides all of your pet(s) needs.
— If your requests can safely be done in 30 minute visits, there are no extra fees for multiple pets, meds, etc.
— Cats are independent, but they can’t dial 911. Daily vacation visits are recommended to ensure your cat’s safety.
— Note: a slight extra charge is required for service past Springfield or Chatham city limits, or north of Veteran’s bypass.
— Plan ahead for trips & holidays. Booking late may find that the schedule is already full & I cannot add more.
— A minimum 24 hour notice is required to avoid charges for routine cancellations.
Springfield Pet & Home Nanny Services
This is a professional pet sitting company devoted to providing at home care for family pets.
I will care for your pets as if they were my own.
The in-home meet/greet is always free.
Insured & bonded through Business Insurance Companies of the Carolinas– 800-962-4611.
‚Äč The “Contact me” page has a guestbook with former client references.